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Seasonal Diaries

Explore the stories behind our ever-evolving edit of fashion runway-influenced styles in timeless silhouettes and
luxurious textures, infused with a certain je ne sais quoi.


Luxury Loungewear

Introducing our new line of sumptuous street-wear that
will take you to new heights of comfort and versatility
in soft, sophisticated silhouettes.


Glam Revolution

Sequins and metallic accents become magic on
and off the dance floor as an iconic, disco-era revival
takes us back in time to party like it’s 1979.​


New York Glamour

In a city that never sleeps, a mood-lit Manhattan
embraces the intoxicating world of glamour.


Stars over Los Angeles

Channeling the creative revolution of L.A, her nonchalant
Parisian spirit shines in a dazzling constellation
of sequin and star embellishments.


The French Jean

Chic, timeless and feminine.
A California Lifestyle, with a French Attitude.