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Postcards from a French Chateau

Rosalia in Ivory Multi
City of Angels: Enchanted by the seasonless subtlety and effortless glamour of Los Angeles, our belle femme embarks on her journey to blend West Coast chic with Parisian panache.
Elevated trims detail the neckline and empire waist
A-list allure: Soft sophistication becomes her
mot du jour as she glides from poolside power meetings to sip-filled soirées in tailored silhouettes rendered in earth tones, jewel colors and the occasional Marrakech-meets-Marseille tile print.
Everyday Opulence: Tempting textures and luxurious fabrics are her star power as she turns heads in washed silks, soft leather, crushed velvet and French denim accentuated only by her unending confidence.
Refined volume is effortless

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Rosalia Rosalia
Rosalia Rosalia